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Aust/NZ Ch Charlemagne The Sting (Imp NZ)


Sire: NZ Ch Jemecs Briaeus (IMP UK)
Dam:  NZ Ch Caerlaverock Qua Lee Uki
Whelped:  30th January 1985


"Joshua" came to us in 1985 as a 5 month old boy, while we were living on a farm south of Perth, Western Australia. He was such a bundle of joy and was our second Tibetan Terrier to live with us. He loved to climb over the pool ladder (placed over a fence to the paddock) and run with the sheep and chickens - rounding them up so very well.  Being a typical Tibetan Terrier he came when called - when he felt like it! If it was too hot he would run and sit under the nearest biggest tree!!

He did well in show ring and toured Australia with my parents in a caravan while they were on holidays and was shown all over the country. He loved running thought the snow and mountains as much as he loved being bathed in the trough ready to tackle a show the next day. He won many In Group awards all over Australia. "Joshua" went on holiday with me to New Zealand and won Best Of Breed Tux National Show under Mr. Thorn (UK). He went on to gain his New Zealand Championship Title.

On his return to Australia he was clipped off, only to grow back his coat and enter the show ring 10 months later, to win a Best In Group. He won 3 Veteran In Group awards at Perth Royal Show as well as winning Best In Group under Mr Ito (Japan). This was a first, as no other Tibetan Terrier had won Best In Group at a Royal Show in Australia or New Zealand. "Joshua's" last Best Of Breed was at 10 years of age at which time he was officially retired.

He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed by completing both show, obedience and agility work. At the first time Agility was held at Perth Royal Show, he was the only dog to have two clear rounds! "Joshua" lived a full and happy life - causing us many anxious moments when he would escape to go and chase cattle in the hills of New Zealand or when he ate the car seat to get in with the 'girls'. 

Sadly at 16.5 years his life came to a peaceful end. Those who knew him will certainly never forget this boy. He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word. 

Truly my heartdog..

Rest In Peace "Joshua"



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